1811 Fallbrook Avenue, San Jose, California 95130, United States

(408) 828-0819


About Us


We offer high quality, development appropriate early childhood program.  We provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical social, emotional and cognitive development of infants and young children while responding to the needs of the family.


With a passion for children, we founded our childcare facility in 2003. Ever since, we have fallen more in love with the children we look after each day. In the same way that we teach and nurture them, they enrich our lives and inspire us. We are lucky and blessed to play such a pivotal roll in


Our facilities are clean, safe, home like and cheerful with park like playground which is filled with a variety of toys and equipments.  Classrooms are divided into areas for the group and individual activities.  Bathrooms are easily accessible.

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